Said something weird while taling to a girl that I like, did I ruin it?

I'm 16 and me and I met this girl 2 weeks ago. We met at a party and we talked, she gave me her number and we made out. We've been texting like crazy from like 8pm to 4 in the morning almost everyday and doing lots of sexting etc. We were on a date on Sunday and it went great. We had coffee and talked and made out etc. Now today when we were texting we agreed on that I would call her as its easier to talk that way. We have already decided that we're going on another date friday. So after a while talking for like 30 min and things are going great we're laughing and just talking etc I ask her where she thinks the realtionship is going. She says that we aren't friends since me make out etc but Im not her boyfriend since I've only known her for 2 weeks. After that I it got really awkward and when she had to go a few minutes later we just quickly said bye. She said she'll text me tomorrow. Did i just ruin my chances of being with this girl by asking such a loaded question?

Thanks for your thoughts guys but its all solved and we're still going on the date on friday.


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  • it sounds to me like she has different ideas about the relationship. I don't think the question ruined anything I think the question was necessary. I think I would tell her that you feel like you are friends since you guys talk so much... if that's how you feel.


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  • Yeah you thought you two were friends but when you get each other number, making out, going on dates, knowing her for 2 weeks & Yeah. She felt you were both boyfriend & girlfriend so you kinda did made it bad.

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