I'm sad she got a bf, she's mad I'm not happy for her. Is there a right or wrong here?

To make a long story short, this girl and I had a thing but she called it off for a dumb reason and she remained friends and we both looked at other people.

I still kinda had feelingsnfor her and upon discovering she has a bf I told her that made me really upset. She replied "wow you're supposed to be my friend and be happy for me".

I guess if I look at her pov I do look like a dick? BUT idk, I have feelings too.

Is there a right or wrong here?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • A true friend would support her and be happy for her. True friends don't have romantic feelings for friends. No, you aren't her friend, you're her ex. I think I'd try to separate myself from her. Start looking for another female to spend time with, one that may consider being more than friends.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You're entitled to your own feelings, she's entitled to hers, the only mistake was in telling her.


What Guys Said 4

  • She is being selfish if she can't respect your feelings. At least she should give you some time to get over her, before expecting you to jump for joy on her behalf.

  • I never could see how you could get over someone if you go straight to being 'friends'. You must still have feelings for her if you're really upset she's got a boyfriend.

    You can't stop her from getting a bf obviously but it's fine to be less than enthusiastic about it. You might be her friend but you're also her ex bf and it's silly of her to think that just because you agreed to be friends, all your feelings for her just disappeared. That takes time.

  • You're both right. She is entirely within her rights to be with whoever she wishes. I know it sucks. I do. However if you really care about her try to at least be happy that she is happy... even if it isn't with you. I realise that this is far easier said (typed) than done.

  • You can't be wrong about a feeling you have..