Should I date him? We get along so well but?

Known him for 4 years, he's a really good friend of mine and we get along soooo well but he dated one of my friends about 5 years ago in highschool (for a month) when I didn't know either of them. This part is kind of annoying me because she was his first and all that and it's pissing me off to think about him getting all those warm feelings and butterflies of first love/kiss with her. As you can tell he will be my first lol so I want him to feel all that with me too. What shall I do? I really like him and he really likes me and we talk 24/7 and he's totally my type...

I don't mind being the one to ask him out its just his past with my friend that's annoying me. And also I don't really talk to her anymore and neither does he so she's not in our lives


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  • Well you should ask him out since he's really type of your guy & he's really likes you to, so it's not awkward if you ask him out. My gf ask me out lol

  • There is a reason she isn't with him anymore, stop worrying.


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