How to tell him you like him?

I have become friends with a guy in my art class and we always talk and fb chat. I think he likes me because he is always hugging me and smiling around me but I don't know how to tell him I like him. I can get really shy sometimes and I can never make myself tell him.


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  • Look, just go ask him. If your interested in him tell him so. If you want to date him ask him out on a date. If you want him as bf ask him if he wants you for his gf... life is short too waste just wondering. Life is full of rejection... get used to it.

    Another gal will snatch him up right from under you while your sucking your thumb pining away. If your too shy, slip him a note and spell out the date with some different choices. Make him a hand drawn card of you and him out on a date. He should like that, I would!


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