Are (some) natural-born American girls interested in Asian boys?

Well, I am from East Asia, studying in CT State and find American girls, natural-born ones I mean, more attractive compared with Asians after dating some Asians.

I can get well with Americans, and sometimes make girls laugh, etc. But I was rejected for the first two times, "You are not my type".

I am wondering Asians are just unattractive, or as they said, I just did not meet the girl who is interested in the man like me?

PS: I know I have to be more Americanized so that I can be more attractive, but culturally, I am much more Americanized than most Asians, according to many Americans and Asians' conclusion about me.

  • I think Asians are generally most attractive.
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  • I think they are not most attractive, but I can accept an Asian.
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  • Possible to date an Asian.
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  • I am not a natural-born American girl.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • natural-born Americans? you mean as opposed to C-section-born American?

    • No, natural-born is opposed to the term naturalized.

    • I emphasize natural-born just mean I like the ones who are very American-style. Nothing to do with prejudice.

    • sure.. no prejudices..

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  • Welcome to America as an Asian guy. You have many people who dislike you simply because the media says Asian men aren't hot.


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  • Okay do you mean white girls or just any girl who was born in america. Because the. The answers will change and everything will be different than what you want

    • Since I am in New England and I want to stay there to work and live, there is no significant difference between American girl and White American girl. But I am also interested in non-White natural-born Americans' opinion.

    • Ohh okay, because a lot of guys say American girls like white girls are the only ones who are naturally American. Anyways though yes I like Asian guys a lot I think they're very cute

  • Yea I find Asian guys more attractive, everyone has different tastes though and it depends on the girl. I find that girls (not all!) who are more into Asian culture or like stuff like korean pop tend to go for Asian guys.

  • If you look like one of those kpop dudes, then girls will be all over you.


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