Can he really love me if he is pulling away?

We met online and clicked right away. The first date was like we had always been together. The next day he said we were like soul mates and were meant to be together. I was more cautious but there was an amazing connection. We are so much alike that he says we have the same heart. He says he loves me but it is happening so fast it freaks him out. (His ex wife had been unfaithful and the divorce was recent) He just got a huge promotion with a lot of new responsibility and has his kids full time. He says he knows I am the one but isn't ready right this minute. He has too much going on to be in a serious relationship plus he is still getting his life together from the divorce. I told him it was probably best if I just walked away. He asked me not to. He just wants to pull back to being friends for now and let more happen slowly. He still texts at least once a day but we don't talk. He says that I am the most incredible woman he has ever known. I am not pushing, it has only been a week. I am in no rush and am just living my life as usual. My question is: If he loves me why did he pull back and if he doesn't why does he does he ask him to remain a part of his life?


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  • Rome as you know was not built in a day, sweetie, and neither is a Ripe ol' Romance that just Needs More time to nurture and nurse into a Potential Partnership down the road.
    He has been this Honest John from the start with you, this newly divorced, wonderful, amazing man. And wanting you to still Remain in his life, with his plate so full and his cup runneth over, he doesn't want to loose the best thing that most likely has happened to him in a very long while. I can read between the lines here.
    He just wants to take things slow because this spectacular sizzling Chemistry that you both have is so overwhelming that he is afraid he may Lose it if he moves in too fast, hurries into it so quickly and he doesn't want to Lose you on top of a "Recent divorce" because with this devastation, he could never take another one right now... it would kill him inside. He doesn't want to Jinx anything and have it just Fizzle and fade so he wants to "Pull back" a bit, start off as Knowing one another as maybe Friends right now. Yes, he probably Does Love you but with love, Another kind of love can also begin and this is the Love that starts with Friendship and having two people Learn more about one another each and every day.
    Go slow with his flow. It is still early in the stage of this storybook tale that will end with a happy ending if you learn to have patience. And of course, down the line, if for some reason it starts to get complicated, going nowhere because of "A lot of new responsibility," then move on and find someone without a divorce, kids and a lot of tasks that a test will not have to be taken to be a dealbreaker. Right now, hang in there and feel it out.
    I see unconditional love that can be included here on your part but be patient and just see what will happen for awhile. And with everything that he is telling you, try telling him also that you Are also a Priority and to Compromise in this relationship so no stone is unturned nor forgotten here.
    Good luck. xx