My boyfriend hasn't spoken to me in four days?

His grandfather passed away, so I wouldn't expect him to. But he's been liking pictures on Instagram, so I'm wondering why he hasn't said anything to me?


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  • When I lost my grandmother, I shut down for days. I didn't want to talk to anyone, family or not. It's always tough losing a loved one, especially when you are really close to them. Give him time and he will come around. Just make sure he knows you are there to support him if he needs you

    • Thanks. I did send him a really supportive text but he usually doesn't respond to texts because he doesn't have good service so I'm worried he never saw it though. I did send him a snapchat telling him I hoped he was having a good day and he opened it so at least he knows I'm thinking about him. Thanks again.

    • No problem! I hope all works out for you, just give him time and things will return to normal after awhile

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