I need help/advice with this lady?

So this lady and I have been talking about a month. We met on Tinder, we eventually went on a date had a good first date. Then went on another one. I admit we both had fun on our dates. The thing is though it is hard for me to get a reading on her to see if she likes me or not. We haven't hugged or kissed. (LET ME POINT OUT THAT SHE WENT THROUGH A LONG RELATIONSHIP WHERE SHE GOT CHEATED ON, AND IT IS SOMEWHAT RECENT SO I UNDERSTAND WHY SHE IS TAKING HER TIME) BUT i think she is very attractive and we plan on to hangout another time. I would like to have some advice to whether I should keep going or not. I must say the dates we went were quite pricey, but I don't really mind paying for everything. I just think at some point it is enough. Thoughts?

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  • I would try some places where you don't need to spend money like picnics in the park made by your very own hands


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  • Why stop pursuing? It seems as though you are very attracted to her don't shy away from contact. next time you see her give her a hug, perhaps a kiss on the cheek. try holding hands or put her in an environment where you can dance to break touch barrier. open yourself to her to don't have a closed off body language be confident! you got this.