Can guys get turned off by girls they like? I messed up really bad?

Me and this guy have have dealing and hooking up for several months now.

He was supposed to get back to me about a party this weekend and he didn't text me yet. It's been a week.

So I told my friend about what going on and why he hasn't texted me in a week. She asked me to send her pictures of the conversation. I accidentally sent the pictures to him by accident!! And wrote on it "he's the convo from last week, he was pretty nice"

The next morning he texted me "What does that means and who was it meant for?"

So when I responded I just told him my guy friend of 2 years texted me and asked me about my attendance and if I'm bringing a friend. And that my guy friend was asking about him and I accidentally sent it to you instead. I tried to laugh it on it like it was no big deal.

He never responded. I saw that he viewed my snap chat story not long ago so he obviously saw my text.. I know I messed up really bad, and it was an accident.

I know what I did turned him off. I guess the best thing to so is not text him? Question is, if he actually liked me, would he have responded anyways and not been turned off?

Actually he texted me 5 hours later saying that he probably can't go because it's on Thursday night and he works on Fridays. What should I say back?


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  • wow -.- the things that text messages do.
    1. you shouldve been honest
    2. what you should responds it ok fine hope you have a good day at work.. dont be that "crazy" b**ch that just blows him up.. the way i see it is that he didn't text you and the momment that he texted you were suppose to drop everything adn run off with him.. or maybe he didn't have a phone working or some shit I don't know a lot of things are possible but most likely he wanted to be open with you and then the whole entire you sending him that text accidenlt made him want to keep distnace for a few. it happend it happend to me for once..

    hope it helps

    p. s sorry for the horrible grammer


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  • nah, not over for good.

    • He just sent me a snap chat.. I'm worried to open it

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    • He said "Lol that's my nigga" and sent a selfie. (Today I put up a snapchat story of this pimp that I always see in the city.) How should I respond?

    • send me a message lol, this is hard to see on my phone

  • Brevity is the soul of wit.


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