What does a "good" timeline look for two people dating?

I've gotten a lot of interesting comments made about appropriate timelines for real relationships that are going somewhere.

People say... if the guy offers sex on the first date - he's in for a hookup

If he waits around for 2-3 months, he's probably in it for the relationship.

Sex in the first week? Too soon and he'll leave.
Sex in the first two weeks? Too soon and he'll leave.

What's your rule of thumb for dating and knowing a guy will stick around? Guys, how long will you date before really wanting sex?

How often do you talk on the phone the first couple weeks/months?

How often do you see the person?

When is it too early for the first sleepover (without sex)?


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  • I don't go with a timeline, I do what I feel doing. Girls are different, and maybe one will be more open to physical contact sooner than the other. So for example, if a girl is ok with us holding hands on the first date, I'll probably go for a kiss that day; but if she's not into holding us the first date, I wouldn't think of trying to kiss her.

    I'm not into sex the first date either, I don't know, I just don't feel like needing to have sex in the first date, but I wouldn't wait a month if it wasn't necessary.

    Like I said before: the more physical contact you have, the faster you'll move in the relationship (this is how I see it, my point of view).

    • Yeah. Sex on the first date just seems too fast, I think. If a guy seemed like he was really into me and I was into him as much... I probably wouldn't last a month either!

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    • I feel you, I'm the same way, but I keep telling myself to have hope.

    • hahaha I just... I've dated a lot of players. He gave off the vibe and I chose to ignore it because I wanted to believe he was good.

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  • If I haven't had a good deep kiss by the end of the second date, I begin to wonder. Sex I think should happen when it feels right, but 2-3 months would be my limit before losing interest - not just concern of wasting time, but also that I'd be getting myself into a relationship with someone who is either uptight about it or has a low sex drive.

    • See, I think that's a pretty realistic timeline! When is too soon for sex do you think?

    • There is no 'too soon'. It should happen when it feels right for both of you, which might be right away or after four or five dates or whenever.

    • Gotcha. Well, if he didn't come off as just wanting sex it could've happened sooner.

  • Ok people talk about sex way too much. That's an idiotic focus. You need to focus on when you both fall in love with each other. Then do whatever. If it doesn't happen, walk away.

    • I so agree! There aren't very many people who think like this though.

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    • haha well girls you find hot... I mean, why date someone you aren't attracted to?

    • Exactly. It would be like pity dating lmao

  • I have no idea. All of my relationships were anomalies.


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