What mannerisms and/or personality traits make you want to know more about someone?

Attraction evolves from many things, but being curious about someone and wanting to know more is what starts the sparks (for me anyways). Are some people more mysterious than others? Do some people come across more sexual than others even if the way they dress is not? Do you like quirky, confident, quiet, outspoken etc?


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  • Some people are definitely more mysterious than others.
    But I've noticed a recent trend of people TRYING to be as mysterious as possible, even in an insulting way, and I'm seeing it work! It's pulling people in and they're able to keep them coming, over and over, by giving just the tiniest glimpses of hope that they'll "know" them someday. It's such a sad and manipulative way to get attention, but I'm seeing it work and work well... which says a lot about what people go for.

    What I go for... I'm usually attracted to humor first. Make me laugh and we'll usually AT LEAST be friends (or I'll want to be friends). I'm also attracted to generosity, a general sweet nature. It melts me. Past that, things like intelligence, creativity and originality (some people try too hard there too though).

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