Okay ladies im counting on you to help me ?

Okay lets see how do i start this im a guy if you haven't noticed yet and im weird... so far so good now lets get into detail im that guy that dosnt like crowded spaces shy as **** dont go a lot stay home watching movies, shows listen to music and if i go out i go to those places that aren't any people listen to music and just hang out with 3 4 friends having a good time and now for the last year and a half I've been getting this empty felling i dont know how to discribe it mabe some of you have felt it its like you have everything you need but you still miss something i just can't explain it and at first i didn't think a lot of it was like ahh it must be some kind of a period im going trough will fell better just let it go by but it isn't and lately I've started realizing every one around me have a relationship and i dont and two years ago i broke up with what you people call your FIRST LOVE had a one year relationship with a really nice girl but as time went by we just kinda werrent felling it and broke up and now i can't find a girl that i can talk with and lately its been even worse when i go out with my mates and they are with their girls its just like i dont know how to talk or behave around them feel out of place and its been getting to me sometimes i dont know why but its like felling you are not doing anything with your life i dont know fck hah thats why i have to turn to you ladies x)

Sorry for my bad English spelling >.<


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  • Make more sentences... You just have 1 huge sentence and it's kind of hard to read your story... I'll try to give you a decent answer when you text is better readable and understandable.


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