How to look past only the physical aspects of women?

This may sound stupid but its a serious question.

I'm a college student and I've met and experienced my fair share of women, college girls and older women for that matter. I've always been attracted to the physical (I guess like most men), personality isn't/wasn't important to me. The thing is I've come to the realization that I've missed out on a lot of great girls because I didn't find them "hot" enough for my standards. While I do have many instances of fun, they come and go and it gets boring and lonely eventually.

I'm not a bad looking guy at all, I have enough numbers on my phone where I can call a girl up and have her in my room in minutes, I'm just tired of the same routine.

Being that I've had this mentality for so long how do I go about seeing past a woman's physical attributes and paying more attention to who she is inside? I feel like I've fucked up my mind and that if you aren't at least an 8/10 then we don't have a chance.


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  • It won't be a magic fix--just start giving less attractive girls a chance and hopefully your mind will eventually realize that they tend to have better personalities than hot girls and, in the long run, this is far more fulfilling.

    • Makes sense, thanks bro.

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  • There are beautiful and smart women out there. But to be honest, I don't think that they would give you the time of day because they would be too smart to see through your shallowness. Sorry! Maybe stick with your 8/10 on attractiveness, and hope that you make a connection with one of them.

    • Damn kinda bitchy, that's cool though I like them like that, those are crazy in bed.

      Maybe I'll meet you someday, but you'd better be at least an 8/10.

    • Lol there isn't one attempt at saying something helpful in this. I want to frame this answer as proof that tons of girls on here are straight pissed off b*****

    • Sorry, for being blunt, but I wanted to give an honest answer. I didn't intend to hurt your feelings, or cause distress. I am sorry. As a girl with both looks and brains, I can tell you we are not short of options. So if you want to join our party (and according to blokes I have been with, girls with looks and brains are mind blowing!), you may have to lift your game. And try to see the girl for who she is beyond the body. Maybe you just haven't met the right girl that has inspired you to get to know her on a deep level. You will meet her someday!, and the sex will be off this planet as an errection is 80% mental, imagine what a smart women could help you stimulate. For now, while you enjoy the physical beauty of a women, enhance your experience by reading the Kama Sutra, it will make these experiences more exciting. The chapter on kissing/ passionate biting was good, also the 100+ sex positions, which I am working my way through, is fun. Far from boring!

  • Maybe promiscuous is just the way you are, but I believe when that girl comes along that's more noticable than the rest you will know. In such a case your mind will tell you exactly what to do... but if you don't believe in Destiny than you need to suck it up and stop messing around. Rest the lil' pecker and save it for those who stimulate your brain. It's been proven smart girls are better in bed anyway.. so worth it. But also Sex takes a whole different step if you connect mentally.. like touching souls.
    Come to Colorado my friend, no one regrets it.

    • Smart girls better in bed, is that true? I really haven't met many smart girls.

      Funny you mentioned that, I actually planned on visiting Colorado soon!

  • I don't think you should settle. The rating scale is subjective, so whichever types of women that you consider 8-10/10, you should go for and filter them by personality. Just my opinion, but you'll be happier that way.


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  • Just find an 8/10 and don't rush the sexual parts and see if you two have stuff in common. Then if you don't, hook up and move on. This way you get to still have your fun while finding another one. If you're able to hook up with women a great time to get to know another one will be after hooking up with the previous once because your confidence will be higher since you know you were able to hook up with the previous one.

    Just look for girls who are into the same stuff you are. Ignore the "techniques" you used to woo them and be real about meeting them for them and not just sex or hook ups or wtvr. I don't think you need to lower your physical standards here. If anything, add more standards to the girls you meet that aren't physically related.

  • 8+ is also my rule. I don't see anything wrong with it. You're fine.

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