Girls do you like guys to make you feel like a princess? And if so what do guys do that make you feel this way?

I'm going on my first real date on Saturday and I really want to know how to make the girl feel really special. We are both fifteen and she is really girly and loves pretty much everything. also since this is my first real date i would also like some input on what girls want their first date to be like.


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  • These are MUSTS for a guy, so remember all of them. ;)

    1. Open doors for her
    -note: after opening the door, you don't go in first and keeo it open for her, you let her go through first - this is a common mistake that guys make, in fact this guy I went out with a few weeks ago did this and it was definitely a point down for me.

    2. Pay for everything (unless she wants to buy lingerie on your date - which, by the way, girls USUALLY don't do, so don't worry too much about that)
    -note: even if she offers to pay, don't let her because when girls say 'I'll pay' on a date they expect you to stop them.

    3. Make sure she enjoys herself
    Just because you're having a good time doesn't mean she is - this has happened to me many times before... Don't just take a walk in the park or go to the movies (for the first date) because you need to get to know each other. Movies and other activities where you don't really interact with each other is for couples who have been together for at least a few weeks. Go somewhere where you will talk a lot and have fun at the same time. (Hint hint: Carnival, park, zoo, disneyland...)

    4. Literally call her "princess", like when you get a drink for her and hand it to her, say "here you go, princess" - something you can say casually. she'll love it if you call her princess, trust me.

    5. Lastly, make sure you look good and smell good.
    -take a shower before your date if you want
    -if you think you should wear collogne just in case, do that - but nothing too strong
    -I don't know where you'll be going, but a nice button down shirt is perfect for almost any kind of date.
    TIP: keep the top 2 or 3 buttons open
    TIP: wear either black or white

    GOOD LUCK! :)

    • Thank you so much for the advice:) what should I bring for her? Flowers? And also if she's enjoying herself should I try to hug her or hold hands?

    • Do not bring flowers on the first date. That is a good idea though, so do it on your second or third date.

      if you want to get her something on the first date, get her a drink (non alcohol). just be like, i was thirsty and I thought you'd want something too.

      As tempting as it may be, don't do any physical contact on the first date. keep it simple and fun.

    • Okay thank you:)

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  • You're 15 so I guess all that cheesy stuff still works out fine.

    Ehh... pay for everything and buy her something small as a token when on that date with her. Act casual but don't smother her with affection... that's a bit of a turn off.

    PLAN. Plan this date. Know what you guys plan on doing and if you guys are having dinner/lunch, please, for god's sake, know where you guys are eating otherwise it'll be an endless trajectory of:

    "Where you want to eat?"
    "I don't mind."

    Good luck with your date, mate.


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  • I am responding to this so I can come back to this question later and see what girls said... so don't mind me.

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