Am I ever going to find true love?

Be my fortune teller and tell me if I will ever find true love. Or am i too ugly? :(


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  • This again... You're becoming annoying hun.
    You'll find someone for sure. Now go do some homework or study.


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  • Instead on worrying of your looks, work on your confidence. Insecurity is a turn-off, it can be smelled from a mile away.

    • Confidence isn't everything and it's usually a by-product of one's looks. besides, I'm looking for a cute girl so how could I expect a girl to like me as well if I myself am not cute (or attractive, handsome, w/e)?

    • Obviously confidence isn't everything, you're right, but someone who cares way too much about their looks, instead of developing other areas in their life is completely unattractive to others. You could be Apollo, or Mr. Most-Gorgeous-in-the-World, but after a while, what's just a pretty face or body?

      I've seen much more guys who would have been labeled as unattractive, dating gorgeous girls, and the other way around.

      Sorry if I'm too harsh, but it bugs me because you could be getting what you want if you just accepted yourself a little more.

    • Hmmm well I disagree. I think if one is " Mr Appolo" very attractive. It's easy for them to get a girl. Likewise if a girl is very hot/attractive, it's easy for her to find a man.

      It's true that other qualities can make a person more attractive. One's persona can amplify their attractiveness. So I'll agree with that. But still, very hard for me to find someone with these looks

  • Everyone can find true love like some people say there is a spoon for every plate :)


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  • Coming from a guy, you're not ugly at all. Be more outgoing and interesting, girls should be showing signs.

    • but they don't want me

  • Style your hair bro. That's honestly the best tip I could give you. And also, get shredded m8