What's your opinion on our relationship?

The positive: he is always trying to help me and he tries to improve himself. We are both into being healthy and improving ourselves. I love him and he is very honest. He is different than anyone else I met. I'm the most selfless I've ever been with him.
The negative: i have trouble talking to him about what bothers me thaf he does because he will turn if back on me. He wants me to be perfect. Today I tried talking to him about something that bothered me and he just doesn't seem to want to be there when anything is negative. He has the tendencies to shut people out when people aren't the way he wants them to be.


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  • Perfectionist? I don't like em. If you were a perfectionist you wouldn't be complaining. We all slip up once in a awhile... well all but the perfectionist! As you age you will no longer be perfect, it will really be tough for the perfectionist then... and you. I'd find someone that is easier going.


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