Does he like me? Should I ask him to Sadie's?

So there is a guy named Josh at my school and he recently rated me a Saturday (a scale of sunday-saturday where Sunday is the lowest, Saturday is the highest) and I've thought he was cute since the beginning of the year. I was unsure of any mutual attraction because of where I live and the fact that he is white. Any who, he's really cool and we have lunch & syfy club together and he's told me how cool he thinks I am, but hasn't told me he likes me.
I want to ask him to be my date for Sadie Hawkins (a dance where girls ask the guy and the couple matches). This year, my school is doing a Halloween dress up and it's the day after Halloween. I want to ask him because he is so cute and nice, but I feel like I may get rejected. What do i do? I know for sure he doesn't have a date, but I'm still feeling iffy. I really want to go with him though.
My feelings are so jank right now

I asked & he said yes :D


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  • Well, if you feel like you're going to regret not asking him after Sadie's is over, then by all means ask him!!


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  • tell him to tickle ur pickle


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