Is he just complimenting my sex appeal or does he like me?

One time this guy I'm seeing told me "you really are beautiful" and then the other night when we were out to dinner he told me I exuded sex appeal, in an "obvious but still very subtle way." He didn't make any pervy remarks about my boobs or butt or anything, he just held my hands across the table a lot. We've got in a fight previous to this about defining what we are as he is nervous about relationships, and I told him this time that we still need to have that talk to avoid something bad happening and he said "oh I know." So, I mean, I want to have that talk I just need to make sure he's ready and I'm not sure he is. so far everything is good. I joked at the end of dinner saying "you love me" and he just smiled, I don't know what that means. by the way we've been seeing each other off and on (only off and on once) for about 2 years. what's he thinking? does he like me enough for a relationship?

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if you say you think he doesn't want a relationship, then why?
by the way he was the one calling me all the time to try to get back in touch and "fix things"


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  • In my personal opinion, he wants to be with you but is scared to let you know. This is likely due to fear of rejection, as for the sex appeal comments he is either akwardly trying to hint that he likes you or just making small talk.

    • I feel like I've let him know, but he gets upset, but then when I tell him fine then I never want to talk to you again he gets upset and says no please don't say that

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    • well last year when we were seeing each other he wasn't over his ex so that was mostly why I think he couldn't commit then, but when I asked him about that relationship recently he said it was very much over

    • I think he's had time to heal, but I guess I just don't know yet what he is ready for or what he expects of me?

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