Player is cornered - how to exit?

Players have you ever been cornered? Have you ever met a girl that you are not 100% serious about but feel that you can't get out of the situation just yet.

She is totally loved up and telling the world. You are low key about it.

Do you have to continue until you see an exit point? Just curious as to how you would go about getting out of the situation?


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  • Well I can't say it for myself since I'm not a player but friends of me are. They don't care about a girls feelings, all they want is sex, once they have it they'll stop giving a shit about girls or sometimes even stop talking to them. Basically what I'm trying to say is: When a player has enough, he'll stop, he doesn't care about the girl her feelings because most of the time they know the girl gets hurt.

    • Thanks. I agree with you.

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    • Again, I agree. They fake the whole thing and tell the girl exactly what she wants to hear and act how she wants them to act. But all the time looking for other options. I hope you and your girl work out though.

    • I hope so too, thank you :)

  • I'm sure all "players" would settle for a girl they really liked but for the rest of the girls, they're just booty calls who you keep low key about, never mention to your friends ect, and play it off if anyone ever mentions it.


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