Trying to find a girlfriend, but can't seem to do anything right?

Yeah its another one of THOSE questions, but here it is:

23, been trying to find a girlfriend for years, nothing to show for it but a few and far between first dates.

Try to do everything right: I'm confident and don't have trouble talking to girls, have my own life and passions and happiness, don't expect or demand anything from anyone, not one of those "nice guys," try to engage her and not make it all about me, try to be interesting, try to be myself, blah blah the freakin blah blah you get it.

I've been trying off and on for years. I've never so much as kissed a girl. I try to not let my lack of success get me down or show it in real life. But after trying for so long and never so much as had one meaningful encounter, I can't help but feel tired and physically ill and just feeling completely unattractive in everyday. And any advice I get is something like "Don't worry about it" or another equally unhelpful blurb.

I know what I want but can never seem to get it. What do I do?


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  • Well, personally I believe that these things should be allowed to happen naturally. Maybe the problem is that you're trying too hard? Maybe you should just chill out for a while, stop trying and let fate decide.

    In failing that, if you still want to keep trying then you could always try some dating sites like Plenty of fish or match. com? You could go to some speed dating events or something similar. Maybe join some kind of social club or something.

    Thats the best i got.

    Good luck.


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