Afraid insecurities will kill my chance with her?

I've had a relationship for a year and eight months behind my back, my ex broke up in March and I didn't see it coming. It affected my self esteem in such a way that I can't engage girls like the way I once did.. I used to have no problems with talking to girls or making moves but now I do.

I recently had a first date with a girl that is locally know to be "easy" (sorry don't know how to say it in a nicer way). Well I don't really care about that since a lot of guys (including me) are like that and when a girl does it it all of a sudden is slutty.. Well anyways we watched a movie together, she said it was her first time in 1.5 years that she had done this with anyone and ofcourse we made out, she held my hand and I put my hand on her waist whilst watching the movie.

I think she likes me, we talk everyday and I'm starting to fall for her but I think my insecurities are going to kill my chances. With insecurities I mean that I'm always wondering if I'm the only one she is talking to or if she likes or just wants to have fun.. stuff like that.

Anyone have a similiar experience or any tips?


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  • Just talk to her. She clearly likes you. Communicate so she doesn't think your hesitation is lack of interest.


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