How can I tell that girl that wanted to catfish me that I am not attracted to her wirhout sounding like a "douchebag"?

I were flirting with a girl (she initiated) online (only knew her from a dating app) and she is a cool person overall but.. she did lie on me. she told me she is from another school bu5 actually is in mine and was staring at me all the time (took me 4 days to be sure). the thing is I am not attracted to her but I don't want to end marked as a douchebag.

MY PLAN: I am honest, I'll tell her that I am not attracted to her but she is a cool person to keep around. (I'm not going to flirt anymore)

yeah she told me. I got catfished.
another girl in my class that I like but has a boyfriend has a crush on me and she told me that her boyfriend treats her like shit
(why do girls keep with guys who treat em like shit!)


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  • That's the right thing to do and it will ell her move on as well

    • I actually don't flirt with girls I didn't see with my own 2 eyes before (filters, photoshop). she just did a lot and I felt like I had to show some interest aswell.

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    • nah I confused you ;) don't be sorry, there's nothing to be sorry at.

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  • Use the chemistry excuse. Meeting someone online is extremely different from meeting someone in person, you can love someone's personality, but if the initial chemistry isn't there, then there really isn't a point.

  • Okay, don't tell her u don't find her unattractive, haven't u learnt anything from GAG? Us girls are really insecure about that shit, just say you aren't interested and don't respond to her messages.

    • what? I was being honest and she is ok with it. we just be friends, her shit was honest but she will get my signs whenever she tries something. I learned stuff from gag and.. I was as bad as her flirting back.. so we are both dicks. haha

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    • yeah guess what. I had a lot of bullshit before so if I get to survive more bullshit I will go through it. yeah thanks ;)

    • Everything is a learning experience 😊 peace.

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  • Turning people down is never fun, but what did she expect what would happen is you lie to someone like that? It's nice that you want to let her down easily, but you can't do more then be fair to her, it's going to hurt either way.

    • she did lie on me. how can she say I was a asshole if she did break the trust from the start of

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    • Don't blame yourself, I thought I was bad with girls untill I let a friend of mine read my messages, I told him that I didn't know what she want and he agreed that she was very vague, sometimes she would be all over me and the next time act like I didn't exist.. I had a date with her this week though.. So I guess things are going the right way, although I can never be to sure :/

      So it's not just you, girls are just very vague haha.

    • yeah I am just sitting here watching pokemon (wtf) and thinking like 'wtf' all the time. and watching pokemon wtf. stupid man. yeah