People in relationships, do you remember?

So I had an amazing night last night with my boyfriend. It felt different than usual... like that turning point in our relationship where we are just THAT MUCH closer...
Perhaps it was the moment he told me that I have the most beautiful shit brown eyes... lol and we laughed together about it. :) He was just been goofy but also genuine.

Do you remember that point in your relationship where you just had confirmation that it was "right" and this is the person you want to be with? Share that with me...


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  • Yeah I do remember in a couple of them. The ones that got that far.
    One my 8 year relationship it was about 6 months in and we took a walk in a park and I didn't know exactly how to tell her that I cared a lot for her so I started saying something and she looked at me and had tears in her eyes and we just held each other. Well it lasted 8 years and we're like family now and we're really good friends that see and talk to each other every day.
    And I remember the last relationship I had she had just spent the night at my place and we were fooling around still in bed and I asked her if she was mine and she stopped and said I'm all yours can't you see that and then she told me I was the most important person in her life and she never wanted to lose me. A couple of weeks later she dumped me and we fought so much that we stapled talking and are now acting like strangers. Too bad.


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  • Yes. In every single one of my relationships.

    Which might tell you a little bit about just how meaningful that feeling actually is.

    • lucky man. :)
      this was my first experience with it but the smile has not gone away since last night.

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