Guys and gals. if you had a chance to ask your ex-crush for forgiveness , what will it be and why?

so this is my apologize letter to my ex-crush, well more like text. i wanna know what you think.. too needy? too creepy? too weird? well thats how i talk to her when i was still young so now that im more mature, i really hate myself XP.. here it is "listen , i want to apologize for being a creepy and weird dude, heck now that i think of it, i was a weirdo hahaha, so i very for being immature and hope you accept my apologize.. and if this isn't enough, we can go for lunch or something XP"


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  • okay first off you need to say specifically what you are sorry for, most girls find it a little vague if you just put ( weird, creepy, ect.) we kind of want guys to admit that they were wrong for doing what they did, and tend to be a little more forgiving


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