Is this worth pursuing? Tips on asking a guy out?

So I was at a club the other day and ended up making out with my next door neighbour. Several times. Pretty sure I full-on straddled him at one point. I was a bit tipsy at the time, but when we came back home (with a couple of other friends) we were both sober and it wasn't awkward or anything.

Since then I've seen him once very briefly but not really talked very much at all. We spoke over FB about something or other, but again, not a long conversation at all. That may be more to do with the fact that he's not very big on FB, but whatever.

Anyway, point is, he's super sweet and hella cute, and whilst I'm not sure I want anything long-term, I definitely want to see him again. Problem is, we don't really have the same circle of friends (I'm am exchange student, he's here permanently) and I can't really say for sure that he likes me either. It'd be embarassing if he only got with me in the first place because of beer goggles. :/

Anyway, is this worth my time? If so, how do I go about inviting him out again?


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  • The worst thing that can happen is that he says "no". You'll regret if you never try.

    As I recall, most exchange student programs don't allow "relationships" of a physical nature or you get sent back to your home country - so be careful :)

    • Yikes that's harsh. I'm in Europe, they really don't care about their students that much here. Actually, with all the social stuff they organise and the price of shots compared to everything else I'd say they're actively trying to encourage that kind of behaviour. ;)

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  • Hey, if you have something going on and you want him invited too, then whatever. If you'd call a girlfriend to come along, then do the same with him and it's no big deal. Especially since you know he's fun.

    If you want something more intimate, something special, flirt a bit. Let him know that you really had a good time and you'd be up for something like that with him again, but without being too easy to get. Entice him to do some chasing, that's a great way to get a guy to go from, "I bet she thinks I'm a right tool for taking advantage of her while she's drunk," to, "Heeeeyyyyy!"

  • just find a way to bring up the bar "hey I had fun the other night" and see what he says. go from there

    • It's not too out of the blue? Like surely I should've said something the day after or whatever.

      Man, I didn't realise how much of a pansy I'd be about this.

    • lol. shoot me a message and ill clarify more

  • flirt with him, let him get the picture then ask him out if he's still interested and hasn't asked you out yet


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