Hilarious Video! What's the most important thing in a woman?


That reaction and music.


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  • ehh i didn't catch it lol

    • Notice how he first jokes about tits, then when he's asked he goes all serious. Look at his eyes, it's not hard to see he realized that the spoul is the most important the hard way.

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  • soul and tits... damn


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  • the most important thing for a woman is love the most important thing for a man is freedom

    • man needs freedom, he can't feel like a man if his nature is suppressed. women NEED men historically and biologically, but man doesn't need woman as much as woman needs man. woman might downvote me because theyre insecure. they WANT the man to want her more than he wants his freedom because it serves HER.

    • and she NEEDS him. historically and biologically. those man hating fem nazis want women to beleive that women can be men because they envy them or had some bad experience. if u look at many of those feminists they look damn ugly. they look like men and are unhappy, gee wonder why LOL

    • society is majorly dysfunctional below the surface this is why roles and situations are reversed. this is why men are weak and women hate men and women are masculinized and on and on.