How can I break up with her and remain friends?

my girlfriend is very boring as a girlfriend and i'm good friends with her friend group and want to remain friends with her and her friends but i really want to try a relationship with her friend that i have a real connection with how can i break up with her and stay friends?


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  • just tell her that you respect her and value her as a friend and for that reason you want to be honest. you just don't feel the connection to be in a relationship but don't want to lose her as a friend.

    as for approaching her friend. you may want to think about that move as you may create a big rift in the friend group

    • thanks that's what i was thinking or at least giving it a long time until i approach her friend

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  • That... May be a problem...
    Breaking up with her to go out with her friend? Not a good idea. You should really forget about her friend... But it's your decision whether or not you want to break up with your girl.


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  • So... you want to break up with your gf to date her friend, and you expect to stay friends with your curent gf?
    Sorry mate, but that's pretty dang impossible. Even staying friends with someone after a breakup is tricky. Doing it when dating their friend... you'd need a geenie to make that work.

    • know any?

    • no i don't. Honestly, you goal should be for you to end it in a clean way that makes her not hate you when you starts dating her friend.

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