Should the dumper ask for the dumpee back or vice versa?

I'm wondering I the dumper should ask for the dumpee back or vice versa. I was dumped and want to get back together with my ex. I can tell he regrets his decision but has to much pride.


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  • The dumpee cannot ask the dumper out.

    The dumper called it off it's up to them to change that position.

    If they do the dumpee should seriously think about declining.

  • This is a difficult question because pride always gets in the way. It is best to keep communication channels to a minimum but not lose contact completely.

    • I don't think there is any protocol to getting back together. Most people it seems, from here and previous questions on the same subject, advocate both parties standing back and waiting for the other to blink.
      Well I think life is a little too short for stand offs , pride and waiting for the other to do something, whilst constantly guessing or assuming what the other is thinking.
      I vote that you get in there, say your piece and if the answer is no, then at least you know.
      In my experience (which long and varied) I have missed so many opportunities because of shyness, pride, stubbornness, ego or just simply being an idiot. But I never regret asking for the truth.

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