A girl I speak to said a while back she tests guys by 1 word answers to see if they try and talk or stop and leave her?

okay so im just thinking if this is the test that she was speaking of to check if i will leave if she puts one word answers and if so what should i do or was it just an excuse to stop fully replying to me and end the convo


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  • I got to admit, i also give one word answers sometimes... Only when im busy or dont know what to say though, but yeah, one word conversations suck =(
    Always makes me feel like im not really talking to the person, or not really listenin.
    So yeah, if someone did that on purpose, i would probably start to ignore them after a while.


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  • Well she seems superficial... like @yaddayaddayadda02 says, do not play her game, it's better to not get romantically involved with this girl (unless you like drama).

    • yeah im not going to play the game and if all else fails i can use her game against her by replying with 1 word

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  • Much like global thermonuclear war, the only way to win is not to play. So you reply..."well I'll talk to you later, it's boring getting one word answers from someone I'm trying to chat with"