My newer guy friend invited me to stay at his place this weekend while I'm visiting my hometown, what exactly does this mean?

So I met him through a friend a couple months ago and we've gotten pretty close. We text everyday and have a lot in common. When I told him that I was coming into town for one night this weekend, he asked where I was staying, and I said I wasn't sure yet, probably my parents house. And he said I should stay with him. I have feelings for him, but he doesn't know that, and he used to like one of my friends so I'm not sure what will happen. Should I be expecting something to happen while I'm there? I just want to be prepared, because I like him a lot.


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  • If he is giving you as much attention as texting with you every day then he's interested in you (unless you initiate every conversation). Maybe he's just interested in a hook up, and I think your affections should be worth more than what little he's invested in you so I hope you aren't down for that. Maybe he wants you to stay at his place because he just thinks you're fun, and you should probably assume that is the case to be safe. Or, maybe he has feelings for you too and asking you to stay at his place was the first step in him putting his feelings for you out in the open. I think it's more fun to not be prepared for something like that. A little surprise makes a first kiss kinda awesomer.

  • It really does sound as if he is interested in you, but just be carefull not to do anything to hasty. If he really is interested he will probably show you signs while you're there if you decide to go there.

    • What would you suggest as being a sign that he is? That way I know what to look for haha

    • Well every person is different, but I guess something in the style of getting extra close to you, do a lot of stuff for you, really listeningen to what you're saying. etc... something along those lines

    • Thank you!

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