How to tell her I like wearing panties?

As a joke one time I put a pair of satin panties and bra on the put my house coat on. She was in the living room I walking and started to do a strip tease. She thought it was funny. But I really enjoyed the why they felt. how do I tell her I like wearing panties?

That I'm fucking crazy and only sissy wear panties.


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  • yeah i would just tell her and say... ya know that one time i wore them for you well i really think they feel better then mens maybe ill try them from now on and see what she says... if she laughs and is not pissed or disgusted by it then you have your in and you may just find out she doesn't care... at at least you did it as a joke the first time and if she looks disgusted or whatever just say you were joking and wanted to see what she would do then you could play it off like it was just a big joke and wanted to get a rise out of her... you already wore them in front of her so what the big deal she might like it

  • Just suck it up and tell, be a man (irony).

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