Does she consider this a date?

I asked for her number and said we should hang out sometime or (or maybe I said go out sometime).

I call her up, I ask if she is available on x days. She tells me when she is free and I either suggest something or look into something and say "Let's go here at this time."

The first date she dressed pretty sexy, blouse with a low top. The second date seemed a bit more casual. We usually are out until 11pm, and I walk her home, and finish by kissing her goodnight.


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  • It is a date, so what else could she possibly think it is apart from being a date?

    • She says things like I want to "hang out"

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    • Well by what you said in your question it seems like she thought it was a date, i think she likes you romantically, girls dont hang out with guys in the way you described, years ago i wasvfriendly with a guy, but wasn't interested in him romanticly , he asked to go to see a movie, but i wouldn't go coz to me that would have been a date snd i certainly wouldn't have kissed someone i was just j
      Hanging out with, if she wanted to just hang out she wod always be arranging for other people to go too, so you werent always on your own together, theconly way to know for sure is to ask her on a date, dont say hang out, coz if you say that she might not think you are want to date her

    • Not sure if she's just being niced, but end of the night on the second date, I am pretty sure she knew I was going to kiss her so she waited outside.

      We've only been to the bar, but I want to take her somewhere else other than the bar. Maybe after this date I should see about going to dinner or a movie?

      Or invite her to my house to watch a movie or make dinner?

  • It's a date, for sure. As a girl, I wouldn't try to go out of my way to look really good for a guy and let him kiss me if I wasn't interested in taking a relationship farther.

    • Good to know. She looked super hot on our first date. But she kept closing her blouse which was low cut (I wasn't looking or staring or anything). Second date she came right from work. Before we started going out, she sent me a picture of her in this hot dress...

      I know she's busy so her texting is kinda throwing me off if she is interpretting things as "hanging out"

    • She could have been starting to feel self-conscious, it can happen to all women at any age. Texting is a bit of a gray area for me, so I can't really interpret that for sure. But I would definitely say go on a couple more dates, get to know her more, and really see where her head is!

    • Ok, will do. I do like her thus far :) she's a sweetie

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  • You kissed her goodnight, its a date then bruh.

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