Do his friends know he is in love with me?

we never actually dated but he was 15 and i was 17 and he approached me first, we always had a thing but people talked junk about me so he was ashamed. he got over it bout halfway through the school year. he always made an excuse why he couldn't be with me. we hung out 4 times the past 3 years. he always says he hates how he treats me, anyways he has a gf now but he texted me a little for the first time in months. he texted me first. but we havnt talked since. i saw his friends at a concert and i asked one of them "where are your friends at" and his friend said "you mean "the guy im talking bout""? why would they assume i was asking bout him. how does this guy feel.


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  • They probably assumed you were talking about him because of the history between you two. I'm sure he talked about it with his friends, at least a little.
    I don't think you should worry about what he feels now though, he's taken.