The girl who rejected me is sending mixed signals and I'm starting to think she's interested again. What do you think?

So I got rejected by this girl a while back, but ever since then she keeps sending me mixed signals that keep getting stronger. Sometimes we'll go out to lunch and she'll touch my feet or brush up to me, and laugh at practically everything I say. Other times I'll be walking out of class and she'll be outside my classroom (she never used to be). Of course I'll go over an talk because that's just who I am, and she'll say she's studying for a class, but the building I take classes in is out of her way and away from the previous and upcoming class of hers. Whenever we see each other unexpectedly or in groups she always makes an effort to come over and just hangs out around me until I have to leave. I'm not sure if this means to much either, but I am also her 'best friend' on snapchat consistently (maybe it means she just thinks of me as her best friend haha). Should I make a move, drop it, or wait it out?

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  • maybe by asking her out you gave her the option of dating you and she made a split second decision of saying no. in mulling it over, she could decide you were kind of cute and decide to give it a shot. if she rejects you again she was just being a jerk and move on


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