New relationship and I'm just looking for some general opinions :)?

Soo, I'm in a new relationship, and I really like him and he says he really likes me too. But he's really not very good at texting me back. I understand when he's at work and out with friends, I'm not asking for rapid replies 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I'm not really even sure what I'm asking for really, I guess I'd like to hear how much anyone texts and hears from their boyfriend/girlfriend? Any input would be helpful :) Thanks everyone ^.^


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  • My Gf initially had a problem with how frequently I texted her. She shared a lot of your concerns. I had to explain that I do not particularly enjoy communicating via text. I prefer to speak face to face.
    If you have a problem with any way in which he is communicating with you, tell him.

    • Okay, I'll speak to him about it and see what he says ^.^ Thank you!

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  • Give boys their space.

    And like someone else said, Communicate not in an aggressive way, but in a caring calm way.

    Don't do:
    "Hun you really need to text me more otherwise I'm going to be mad" -Aggressive and turn off and probably have a negative reaction (this would be a last resort after multiple attempts to get the point across)

    • Like I said, I wasn't expecting constant texting between us 24/7. Just sometimes. Not even specific times. He text that night anyway and we spoke about it yesterday and it's all good :) Thanks though.

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  • Texting seems to wane, at least with guys, once they think they "have you". They text to get you hooked on them and all the attention, then, once you admit you like them, bam! the texts get shorter and fewer. You just want to be reassured that he still likes you! How much time does he spend with you? That's the real indicator. If he's with you when he doesn't have to be, he is into you!

    • Yeahh, I just wanna hear from him really. We see each other every weekend, it's just what our working hours permit. Any more than that and we'd both be losing out on sleep considering he works through the day Monday-Friday and I work later on in the day most days. But, if time comes up that we can see each other without sleep loss he jumps at the chance and we do something :) I'm not really worried that he doesn't like me, we're pretty similar and I don't think he'd lead me on. I just wanna get one reply? Just even if it's a 'hey, sorry never replied earlier, was just doing other stuff but I'm off to bed now, will text you tomorrow xx' or something I'd be totally cool with that. I'm probably being a bit silly I just like hearing from him :)

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    • He's just text me a minute ago saying pretty much the example I gave earlier except he's asked if I want to Skype in a bit ^.^ Thank you, I really appreciate your input! :D

    • Good! That's face to face!