If a guy wants sex but hasn't brought up being exclusive yet, does it mean he's a player?

or it's never gonna be serious? i been dating him for 2-3 months, seeing him almost every week 1-2 days. I met his friends too, close ones, and they approved of me, and he was happy about that. But he never said anything about where we stand to me, only that he likes me. He says and acts like he does. I dont wanna ask stuff from his friends really either to find out, because i'm not too close to them. We took pictures together (me & him) and he never posted on facebook. He also met my parents, and it went well (they liked him, and he asked several times if my parents like him) I'm just so confused by all this. Does he really mean it? if so why hasn't he made it official? or he's waiting for sex, and then will?

sometimes he said he's not a Facebook guy, it's like he's very sensitive about it, kinda private cuz he has a lot of people on it
i know i should probably take a more active role in finding out, but i feel uneasy about his answer


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  • First off you dont put shit on Facebook until your ina serious relationship and its been a while. I mean your obviously a new couple and still feeling each other out. He probably doesn't want to yet just in case it dosent work out. Also, when did Facebook become todays show and tell for everything place. If he wants to be more discreet about his love life until he is for sure that you and him are going to be together for a while then i see nothing wrong about it. Does he have to let the world know about your relationship with him. No, but that dosent mean he is not taking the relationship serious.

    • ok you're right so Facebook really isn't all that important now, but how about sex? that's more serious. if we were to have it, would he be disinterested & withdraw?

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    • no its not that i/we think it's something precious, it's just we've been told so many times & warned that some lose interest after sex and when they do it's because they're player and were playing games so we should be cautious

    • because before sex the relationship could be going well but then suddenly sex happens and it's not the same any more. And not even because they find the sex isn't good, maybe other reasons like they start to think she's easy or whatever

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  • Facebook official is MEANINGLESS.

    To answer your main question: no, it does not mean he's a player. I don't want to have to become 'official' just to find out we're not sexually compatible.


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  • You need to have this talk with him and before you have sex! If he's serious, he'd put it on FB. He needs to tell you what he thinks your status is asap. Do NOT sleep with him hoping he'll make it official after!

    • This sounds like something coming from a kid. I can put you into Facebook as fast as i can remove it. That dosent mean i am comitted to a relationship. Nor does Facebook cement a relationship.

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