I'm shy, but I want to approach an outgoing guy?

So I'm shy. I'm quite and I keep to myself a lot. I do a lot of reading and just small personal things like that.
But anyways I got this guy as my new lab partner. Our school is huge so I never knew him before, but he's so cool. He's nice and outgoing and everyone likes him.
But I want to know if he likes me, he's really nice to me but he's really nice To everyone. apparently a lot girls like him so I feel like I don't have a chance. I just don't know how to compete. He always goes out of his way to talk to me. When he notices I'm distraught he tried to cheer me up. He gave me the nickname kitten because my name is Katherine And because he says my voice is quite like a cat, but I'm small like a kitten. He invited me to hang out with his friend exclusively. I feel like those are good signs that he may like me too.
But what I'm really scared about is asking him out. I don't want to embarrass my self in front of him. I want to seem nice. I just don't know how to build the confidence to ask him? They say the worst he can do is say no, but that no would kinda really hurt


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  • You aren't going to embarrass yourself. You already know that he enjoys talking to you and being around you. Even if the interest isn't truly there, he'll probably be flattered.

    Even if he says no, if you don't ask at all, it's the same result.

    Or alternatively, you can try to drop hints and flirt a bit more and wait it out and see if he asks you out.


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  • Can't compete? This is you problem. Your quitting before you start. Life has no guarantees. No one here can solve your problem. Go ahead take a chance.

    Don't wait for the other girl to snatch him up. Ask him if he would like to go out with you for a specific date. Have a backup option if he does not like the first one. If nothing comes out of it... move on. If too shy to talk, slip him a note or email him. Good luck!


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