How to know that I can trust him? or keep from turning a psycho gf?

okay so this guy and me are about to start an exclusive relationship (a friend of mine told me he was about to ask me to be his gf), and i like him a lot and have a friendship, but i haven't known him for a very long time (about a month) he goes to the same school, we have friend in common and they say he is alright but since he will be my first bf i just dont know what should i do to NOT turn all paranid? and since he goes out of town pretty often i just dont know

btw: we both are 17 years old


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  • well that sounds sweet. i mean you are only 17 and you are young, so i think you should have the "give it a try" kind of feeling for your first relationship instead of a "we are so gonna get married and be together forever" feeling. so if you like him just give it a shot. trust is not sth you get out of nothing, it has to be built up through time. good luck!


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