Should I try to work things out with a girl who goes to school away or move on?

I met this girl in summer classes and we both went to differing school regularly and transferred in for the summer before we were leaving. We flirted all in Chem lab and she actually spent the night a few times and we just talked all night and I really fell for her and she said she liked me. We knew it wouldn't work out very well cause or schools are a few hours apart. She texted me and wants to meet up and I still think about her.



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  • If you really like her, DON'T move on. This is a piece of advice from the bottom of my heart.
    I fell in love with this guy in freshman year of high school (I'm a sophomore in college now), and I still feel the same way. We had to separate after a big earthquake and his family had to flee the country. The reason I beg you to not let her go is because you two simply don't go to the same SCHOOL. You're in the same country. You can drive over to see her, right? If you really like her, I promise you you will regret it if you let her go.

    • it was a weird night she wanted to study at my house and I told her its getting late in going to bed and she said that's a good idea and followed me to my bed and we just talked all night as I hugged her and it wasn't a hook up. I've never felt like that before.

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    • She tests me a lot and wants to see me and all but I don't know its haoween weekend and I seeing her on Friday and Saturday but its not going to be easy.

    • I jokkngky said I should transfer and she said she wants me to but I'm not going to transfer colleges for 1 girl.

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  • Move on, it's hard to really start things off from far. Even people who already have a really deep connection fail at long distance relationships... quit while no ones hurt!

    • That's my gut to I don't want to reject her though.

    • Let her down easy then... Let her know that you do think she's great and you definitely would have given it a shot if the circumstances were different.

    • I actually really care about her though lol oh well.

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