Have you ever been in a situation where you really liked someone in the beginning and lost feelings bc of hard times? Did those feelings come back?

I started dating a guy who did all the initiation in the beginning. We dated for 3 months. I met his family a little after 30 days. He always spent time with me and maybe too much. He always cared for me. Later his behavior started to change. He still spent time with me but we decided to slow things down because it was moving too fast. He was also going through a lot and I think he realized that he could actually love someone. At first he didn't believe in love. Well I felt the pressure. He knows I want to have kids and get married one day. So I confronted him about it and he opened up. He said "Hey... I been think its just not there anymore on my end... I enjoy being around you but my feelings have changed... I still want to communicate with you I just give you all that you want... can't force it I'm probably a hassle more then anything to you... I know you want kids and married I just can't give you that also..." ... What do you get out of that? Do you still think he's trying to hold on? Then I explained that people think they don't feel bc of obstacles and so they give up without fighting so they can feel again. I told him to call ONE day when he still want to go to church with me. Then he said "Im here." He is not happy but he says he still want to see me. Should I be there for him until things get better he will feel again? Have you ever felt that way bc of hard times and one day you realized that you started to miss him or her? Tell me your story...


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  • Well you should move on , if he is meant for you he will return to you , but if you what to stay then stay , but it will take more time for him to realize that he loves you if you stay but if you leave and if he has still something for you then he is will come back and never leave. He feels he is trapped with you , you just need to make him feel he is free and yeah use sometime seducing him also , in that way he will be again interested and happy with you.

    • Thanks. I plan on letting him do the first initiating if he still want to communicate. I will give him space and let him focus on himself. Maybe one day he shall return or maybe not. I told him that I guess we have to be open to the fact that what ever happen happen but I don't want to lose him. I think the feelings are still there and it's frustrating bc his heart is not in it bc where he's at. Thank you

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    • Very true. He is holding on my texting me. I mean we are still communicating which is usually what people lack when there are obstacles. I wonder why he is still initiating hello text and good night text. He even text me when my favorite team was on tv. Is that odd?

    • He is not sure about the stage of things between you two , nothing else. I think it maybe time to reduce gap between you for some moments

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