I need to get over him already? Why can't I? :(?

There's this guy I've liked for over a year. We never went out, although he liked me too. can't forget about him. He's always on my mind no matter how hard i try. I've tried HARD. I don't look at him, avoid places he might be. How the heck do i move on? I haven't cried this hard in 10 months. He's got a girlfriend and it's so painful to be around him.(we 're all seniors in HS) She use to purposely try and make me jealous of her but it never worked. I don't care about her. He avoids me now too since i stopped texting him.

I don't want someone else, i just want to stop thinking about him.


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  • The hardest thing to have to endure is when someone you used to care about And Still Do is in your sights instead of out of Sight Nor out of Mind And-----It's so painful to be around him.
    Yes, a real killer indeed, Aud_Queen and More like no Thrill Kill when you have the Other not so sweet half, Purposely putting salt in the war wound you have not had a chance to begin to lick.
    Until school lets out, sweetie, grin and bear it. Continue your route to Avoid him and her like the plague. Thanksgiving vacation is coming and Christmas holiday too and That will be some time you can spend soul searching time away this sticky situation at hand that is stinging like a bee at your broken heart.
    You're stronger than you think. And with the way he picked up this snob instead of a gem, shows me Who the Queen bee is and who the Real Princess is. And with time, that eventually does heal all wounds, in Time, He will be just a memory you can lock away in your closet forever.
    They deserve each other... you deserve better. Before you know it, school will be out for good and then you can leave That part of your life behind as well with the likes of them.
    Good luck. xx


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  • When you find someone else it will just click! trust me i was there my senior year. Focus on yourself and keep busy and keep yourself open to other men. If you know everyone in your class and feel unattracted to all the boys in your high school. Meet a man outside high school. Give your number to a young waiter or another young guy you see at your local gym, the dude who works at the ice cream shop, and let them text you or call and these new men and your thoughts about them will sweep them out the door.

  • Imagine that he is now your boy and then comes a girl that feels the same as you and takes him from you... dont think he is the only one in the universe. He is not... I asure you that.


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