How do you know when you are in love?

What do you people think it feels like to be in love?


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  • I don't know I think I am right now. I'm the type of guy who would vomit when I see those lubby dubby couples. Could never be like that.

    This girl I met two years ago though is all I can think about. She makes me feel like the strongest and most masculine guy in the world. I'm my best when I'm around her. She looks up to me and admires me as I do her. Nothing else matters when I'm with her. She makes me the best version of myself. Our ups and downs are extremely emotionally dramatic. This is coming from a guy who would bring random girls home every weekend. It's a crazy feeling could never fully explain it.


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  • When you cannot stop thinking about it

  • When I am in love with someone, I always think about them. There are time it feels like she is sitting beside me and having lunch but in reality, she is not there.


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