Do u tell a girl that you love her or do you just keep these feelings to urself?

Do i tell my best friend that i love her or do i keep these feelings to myself cause she is everything i want and need in my life. But I don't know if i should tell her yet. Or at all. I don't know please i need help.


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  • I need more information. The best friend thing could be ruined if you admit to feelings that she doesn't share. Do you think in any way that she feels the same? It is VERY ard to stay friends with someone you are in love with, before and after you admit it.

    • Well i think she does her friends say she talks about me a lot her one friend said she likes this guy but didn't say who but she sounded like she was describing me idk. But o feel like she does have the same feelings. Just not postive is it worth the risk to find out. Or nah

    • If that is the case than talk to her. But tread lightly-don't profess love too fast. honest conversation is always best just don't start out with things you can't take back later

  • Well, see if she's ready for a relationship first. I have a guy best friend who likes me, but is taking it slow and won't ask me out until we both are ready. Actually, a friendship relationship is much stronger than a dating relationship, so i would just stay friends for now. But if you really want to confess, just tell her how you feel, and if she says no, then you guys could just be friends like how you originally were. "Love is patient"

    • Its just hard to keep it in I've been holding this in for 2 years its just hard to not be able to tell her how i truly feel.

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