My friend loves his girlfriend or not? 10 points?

I have a good friend who is a small time television actor who achieved fame this year. He is quite good looking & women like him a lot.
He has a complex personality, sometimes happy, energetic and acting mart and other times he is serious, preoccupied and grave.
He lost his mother years ago. We have noticed that he is often lost in his own world but we have grown to accept him and support him.

He has a girlfriend for 2 years but he never told/tells anyone that he has one.
He has never talked about her, never mentioned her and always acts single.

On a show when he was asked if he is single or not he publicly claimed he was married for 2 years.
He wasn't willing to talk about his status, and even said can I skip the question.

He did not tell the truth that he had a girlfriend. When asked about it by his fans, he refused to talk about it.

He even briefed his male friends that whoever asks him about his marital status, they should tell the girls that he is married with a baby.

He went to Jakarta recently for a show and all the female hosts went gaga over him and he was flirting with all of them.

Hugging them and enjoying all the attention.
One if the hosts even asked him out, saying she loves him publicly & he replied 'liked hearing it'. Did not say he has a girlfriend.
He also takes pictures with women rather intimately.

He only shares his pictures and pictures of him with his male & female friends. But never mentions his girlfriend.

And he also follows pages related to models, women clothing and has followed teenage fangirls 3 times. Later unfollowed due to criticism.

He was seen buying rings & wristbands maybe 4 gf.

He is not exactly a private person. Whatever he is proud of or loves, he shows it off.

Why is he doing this? What is his problem?


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  • Im not sure. Its weird. Moreover, why are you concerned? What exactly about this concerns you? Do you want to be in a relationship with him? Are you worried about her? him?

    • I want to know why he is acting like this..

    • And i want to know whats causing you to care because most likely thats going to lead to his actions, or at least hint towards whats up with him. I don't personally know him or his situation in full (you gave an outsiders view) so therefore i can't come to a conclusion.

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  • She is his personal jewel , I think you know know that girl but you may not be knowing she is his wife. He is shy, or he maybe lying because he does not wants girls to surround him.

  • What show is he on? Maybe he thinks he's too good for his gf and if he gets bigger will move on to greener pastures.


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