Why do I feel like this? When I never really have before?

So I've had a hard time trusting people and letting people in. When I start to talk to someone I usually end up pushing them away. I have always had walls up. Even if the guy was different. But now after years of doing that, there's this new guy I'm crushing on. And I'm letting myself totally fall for him hard and fast. I've opened up too. I haven't known him for too long. Couple months, recently moved. But this thought popped up in my head one day that it would be perfectly fine to destroy those walls and completely go for it. I don't exactly like that. I'm too vulnerable. The question is, why do I feel like this? He seems to be different than the rest. Like really different, but in a good way.


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  • I did that and i got horribly rejected, may i suggest lowering the walls half way not tearing then down.

    • I've tried to lower them halfway but it's not exactly going how I want it to. 😓

    • It is hard. I'm still trying to figure out of i was rejected for a good reason or rejected because he was afraid i would reject him first. ... I'm hoping it's the latter. These situations are definitely hard to be patient in.

    • That is very true. Doesn't make it any easier that I'm the type of person to also hold on for too long

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  • You trust him because he is like , your rope to climb the bridge of your life. As you said you cannot trust anybody easily , I would like to ask were you abused or beaten badly or ill treated by your parents when you were kid , especially daddy?

    • I don't know him all that well and it usually takes forever for me to begin trusting someone. Why do I trust him so much or open myself up to him so much? No I've never been abused by either one of my parents. My dad kinda treats me like crap though. He doesn't see me on the same level as my other siblings that live with him. I left him to go live with my mom on the other side of the country. My dad doesn't treat his kids the way parents should.

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    • Oh ok. I'm sorry about that.

    • You do not need to be sorry , but its becomes easy when I leave all the thinking to the di*k.

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  • Try communicating your feelings to him more, don't get physical at this stage. Its too early.

    • Okay. That's a good idea and ya it is too early