Third date ended only with a kiss. Why?

Hi, I met a guy online and we had our third date. I think it went well but I wonder if third date sealed with two long kisses means he is taking it seeing someone else ( he is also not that talkative on sms during the rest of the time) or he doesn't want to screw this up? He was mentioning about future plans of a chocolate place he would like to show me but I still have some insecurities on what he actually thinks and feeels. To ask him this is out of the question it would be shooting myself in the foot


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  • Patience lad !!! Lol
    Wait and see, thats all the fun right? It could be anything.

    • Yeh fair point.. Could be indeed anything...

    • Yeah !!! It's like a game, of you try to predict the ending and ask people you'll miss on all the fun and thrill, so just wait and see. Enjoy it !!!

    • Thanks i dont like this dating process so lets see if i can get out some enjoyment out of it anyway

  • u need sex? :D

    • The dates i had so far always unfolded pretty quick so this one is really going in a different pace

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