Why does a person you have been talking to have for 6 months stopped talking to you for?

iv have been talking to this guy online for 6 months,

he decided to help me with my self esteem issues etc etc...
but we also did dirty chatting lol and i did send him like 3 selfie pics during those 6 mothns (which was nott a good idia) but due to insecurities and low sefl esteem i have :(

any how but atm im am worried why he has not want to talk to me any loner we chatted very oftenly on some weekly basis...

and he is in new york and i live in another state aswell... and no i didn't give my real name but i was stupid enought to give my picture...


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  • ... dirty chatting is not a way to help with self esteem issues. Turning the conversation sexual, and physical (with pics) leads to the very distinct possibility that it can contribute to even more self-esteem issues if things break down. At that point it's not really 'helping', it's an online relationship. If it was strictly to help, your gender shouldn't make a difference. And this guy would not be sending 'dirty chats' to a guy he was trying to help. Which means that there was gender issues in play. He wasn't giving you helpful information, he was engaging in flirtation.

    With that much time commitment, he was probably seeing if he could convince you to travel to see him, to get that dirty chatting into actual sexual contact. He probably came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to happen, so he ghosted. He may have found someone local to focus his energy on, and if that fails, he will reappear with some lovely 'hey, how's it going? Been thinking about you a lot!' recovery attempt.

    The dirty chatting means you were fulfilling a sexual need for him. Possibly including a fantasy of you travelling to him to have sex. The lack of talking means that either you were no longer fulfilling the sexual need, he realized his fantasy wasn't going to happen, or he found a different outlet for his sexual need.

  • 6 months is a long time to be working on someone elses self-esteem issues. Especially if they haven't shown any progress in those 6 months. You might just come to the conclusion that you're not helping them, and that you're just wasting your time pissing up against an uncaring wall.


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