How to ask a girl out on a date?


I plan to ask this girl out for a date. We were in the same class for a few years. She had a crush on me back then. But I was too shy to show feelings back. So now she has already moved on. I don't know if she still feels the same about me. We are only go at the same school now. We have no classes together. I barely know her. I'm shy, and she is always around her friends. So I planned to ask her out over Facebook. I send her a "hi :)", but she doesn't respond. It says that she saw the message a week after I sent it. But still no reply. I don't know her reason why not to. And I don't have her number. So now I guess the only option left is to ask her out face to face. But as I said: she is always around her friends. And I want to talk to her in private. But I'm too shy to ask her to talk to me in private when her friends are around. We only meet at school. So the only thing I can think of is to go to her house and ask her out there. I don't know her address, but I can easily find it on Google. But wouldn't it be creepy to show up at her house when I don't know where she lives? I wouldn't mind my any of my previous classmates knocking on my door. But I don't know. And do you think it would be creepy if I went to her house? If so: do you have any other ideas how I can talk to her alone?


I should probably tell her that I understand if she has moved on. That it would be great if she gave me another chance. That she deserves better than shy me. That I want to get to know her better. It would be great if we could meet and have a talk
Ok it's a bad idea to go to her house. I'm not 100% sure she has lost interest in me. I don't believe that people lose interest in another person without knowing them. I believe I can ignite the flame in her again. I'm not moving on until she rejects


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  • Yes it would be a little creepy as she would prob think you are stalking her in a crazy stalker way
    Hmm.. Well there isn't many other ways unless you know her locker or something could right it in a letter?
    But if not sadly, you just have to ask her even around her friends that you want to speak with her if she has a minute, don't be shy to ask there is no harm in asking even with her friends around. It looks it is the only way to ask her so you can talk to her
    Good luck and you can do it I wish you all the best ^_^

    • A letter would be the same as a message on Facebook. But more awkward. I will update the thread soon with an idea

    • Hhm.. maybe so but a letter is nice and don't get any these days.
      There isn't too many things you can do tbh most things would be out of your comfort zone.
      I hope you do just get the courage to talk to her ^_^
      *sends you a lot of good luck and courage!*

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  • I understand that you didn't tell your feelings to her yet. Just bump into her, even though she is with her friends, ask if she has got one minute. I bet she does. Then just ask her on a date. It doesn't have to be big or anything. Even walking on the beach is an amazing idea. I am sure she still has got feelings for you. Just don't rush into it. It will be fine!! :)


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  • DON'T go to her house, you psychopath.

    You can ask her for a word in private if she's always with her friends (this will of course draw lots of their attention because they'll wonder what you're up to), ask her in front of them, or maybe notice that she isn't that into you any more if she doesn't respond to FB messages?

  • Dude, simply just say "I'm going to (place)

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