Ladies how should I approach an older single woman coworker for a casual fling?

There is a woman who I work with that I find very attractive. She is 45, I am 30. We are both very fit and I find her downright sexy. I want to create some wild hot passion with her, but keep it purely physical in nature. I catch her staring at me and she just has a look about her when speak that makes me feel its possible, but I dnt want her to feel uncomfortable around me if she is not intersted. Advice please?

  • Tell her I think she is hot and want her
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  • Ask her out for drinks
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  • Measage her on Facebook
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  • Ask if she is attracted to younger men and feel it out
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  • As a woman nearly 45 I would turn a guy down if all he wanted was sex. But if that is where she is at then go for it. Sometimes younger guys assume older women are sex fiends. We simply know what we want. It doesn't mean we can be used as an easy lay.

    • Thanks!!

    • Thanks for MHO, glad to help!

    • I hope she knows she wants me, lol. I'll let ya know how it goes. Regardless, I have a lot of respect her as a coworker and person.

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