Why is my boyfriend doing this?

My boyfriend was with his ex for 2 years and they split over a year ago and we have been dating since March and he showed me this book him and ex were doing together it's like a novel kind of thing and he's so obsessed with it and I hate it and he keeps trying to get me involved when I don't want to be involved in something him and ex did together and he just makes fun of me when I don't want to do it! Why is he doing this?

Just to confirm the book is actually about 2 lovers!


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  • Without it being etched in stone here in my own book, it appears that he is still hung up on the honey from the past. With "Trying to get me involved" with the Book of Love, he is also Failing miserably in Including You in his real thoughts That----He still has a thing for the other half that he hasn't closed his own chapter with.
    This is a slap in your face, this obsession of Obvious Tales from the Crypt And tales of his fairy tale skeletons that are still rattling in his closed but yet open closet with her. And by throwing this in your face as though he was Making you part of a family album from mom's house, he is shoving your broken nose into something that isn't a closure Nor an open and closed book of an ending that is still hanging on And-----Around like a bad disease. I see toil and trouble in the future down a beaten path here.
    If you stand for this, you will always be stooping for whatever poop he throws in your direction. You need to sit this pup down and Tell Rover it's over with the Turning of the stone going down memory lane, and either lay up the love lingo or don't let the door hit you in your barking butt on the way out, book in hand.
    The End... Good luck. xx


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  • What kind of book thing is it? I wouldn't want to be a part of it, either.

    • It's a book about 2 lovers... I can't help but think it's just about him and his ex and it really annoys me :(

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    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who would get annoyed it really bothers me but he just doesn't understand

    • Might be time to start shopping for new boyfriends.

  • The book meant a lot to him and he wants you involved in the important things in his life.

    If he and ex travelled a lot, and say went to Paris and loved it... would you refuse if your boyfriend said he wanted to take you to Paris because he loves the city and he knows it so well, and he wants you to love it too?

    • It's a book about 2 lovers

    • So what? How is that relevant to my answer?

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  • Maybe he just liked the idea of doing something like that, that doesn't mean he's into her. But I'd get mad too, it'd feel like he was trying to replace her with me. I think the best way to know for sure though, is to ask. You can just be honest, and say that you're worried about him hanging onto something he had in common with his ex. After I get jealous I always tell my boyfriend that I'm jealous because I care so much about him, softens him up every time :P

  • It might be an intellectual project for him.

    Is his ex still involved with it? Regardless of whether she is I would get ultra involved in it and muscle her out to make it his and your projecg